Local County Officials Information

Various photos of officials and information concerning all magisterial districts in the county.

In 1819, Harlan County was the 60th. county to be formed from Floyd and Knox Counties. Named for Major Silas Harlan who came from Virginia to Kentucky in 1774. Major Harlan was a frontier soldier who was killed at the Battle of Blue Licks. The Fiscal Court is a governing body of Harlan County, Kentucky. The Constitution of 1891 gave the name "Fiscal Court" to the body in each county that would have the power to transact all county business. This body consists of a County Judge Executive and five magistrates. The term County Judge Executive became effective January 1, 1978 after a 1975 referendum transferred the judicial authority of County Judge to a new State Court System, making the County Judge Executive chief executive officer of the County.

Magistrate of District #1 area of Harlan County.
P.O. Box 556
Baxter, KY 40806
(606) 573-6780

DISTRICT #1 COMMUNITIES (approximately): Coxton, Blackjoe, Golden Ash, Kitts, Rex, Harlan Gas, Clovertown, Harlan, Lawnvale, Sookey Ridge, parts of Keith, Baxter, Gatun, Rosspoint, Putney, Dillon, Laden Trail, Little Shepherd Trail, Bledsoe, Pine Mountain, Big Laurel, Tacky Town, Stoney Fork,

Magistrate of District #2 area of Harlan County.
P.O. Box 196
Kenvir, KY 40847
(606) 837-0333 (Home)
(606) 505-5943 (Cell)

DISTRICT #2 COMMUNITIES (approximately):Brookside, Ages, Verda, Jones Creek, Ten Spot, Kildav, Draper, Evarts, Redbud, Pounding Mill, Kenvir, Black Mountain, Dizney, Baileys Creek, River Ridge, Colts, Shields, Ridgeway, Benito, Highsplint, Louellen, Black Bottom, Closplint, Rileyville, Clover-Darby, Georgetown, Rutherford, Holmes Mill,

Magistrate of District #3 area of Harlan County.
702 Stacey Hill
Cumberland, KY 40823
(606) 505-0908

DISTRICT #3 COMMUNITIES (approximately): Nolansburg, Totz, Dione, Hiram, Clutts, Sandhill, Blair, Cloverlick, Looney Creek, Cumberland, Benham, Lynch,

Magistrate of District #4 area of Harlan County.
2221 South Highway 3001
Cawood, KY 40815
(606) 573-7058 (Home)

DISTRICT #4 COMMUNITIES (approximately): Sunshine, Dressen, Lower Elcomb, Upper Elcomb, Teetersville, Little Creek at Catrons Creek, Catrons Valley, Mary Alice, Pansy (Gulston), Yancey, Stanfill, Bardo, Liggett, Grays Knob, Farmers Mill, Neff, Chevrolet, Lenarue, Mary Helen (Coalgood), Bobs Creek, Cawood, Little Creek at Cawood, Three Point, Days Branch, Smith, Crummies, Cranks,

Magistrate of District #5 area of Harlan County.
P. O. Box 582
Loyall, KY 40854
(606) 573-9545 (Office)
(606) 573-9545 (Fax)

DISTRICT #5 COMMUNITIES (approximately): Parts of Lawnvale, Loyall, Blackbottom, Rio Vista, Parts of Keith, Fresh Meadows, Wilhoit & Dayhoit, Tremont, Watts Creek, Sawbriar, Longton, Daniels Mountain, Wallins, Around the World, Mexico Addition, Happy Top, Kentenia, Twila, Creechs, Coldiron, Layman, Foresters Creek, Terrys Fork, Jesses Creek, Dixie Town, Molus, Pathfork.

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